hello there!

my name is bruno st john.

i'm a software engineer, ux designer, product generalist, and certified cat lover.


i was born and raised in poland. i moved to ireland in 2021 to study computer science at university college cork. ever since i was a kid, i've always felt greatly empowered by the ability to create things. the process of taking an idea and turning it into a tangible thing you can interact with always made me feel like i have more control over my life and has been a great source of confidence and strength for me. i distinctly remember staring at various little details in the world around me and consciously noticing their beauty while walking home from school as a kid. i think this is what led me to become a designer and engineer. i find a lot of purpose in creating things that are my own form of utilitarian self expression.

about my work

  • i'm currently working at stripe as an engineer on the ci infra team in dublin, ireland.

  • i'm also a co-founder of mlemo, a startup building a new kind of practice management platform for companion animal veterinarians.

  • i've helped businesses like hyte and signalrgb connect better with their users through design, research, and engineering.